Audit & Assurance in Cyprus

The Companies Law in Cyprus (Cap.113) requires a company that is incorporated in Cyprus to:

  1. Prepare Financial Statements in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and
  2. The Financial Statements should be audited  by  an  independent  registered  auditor  in  Cyprus  in  accordance with International Standards of Auditing (ISAs).

A high-quality audit can ensure both compliance with local regulations and assurance on the company’s financial results, providing the directors with high-quality financial information to rely upon for their decision making.

At Pro Vision, professional integrity and high-quality service to our clients are paramount.

We invest time to understand our clients’ business and we use modern auditing techniques in order to deliver a high standard of service designed to ensure compliance with professional standards and local regulations.

Our service is adapted to the specific needs of our clients with a view to help them understand and manage risks within their organisation and the external environment.

With our market knowledge and experience we can add value to your business by providing management with additional analysis on the key findings arising from the audit procedure, as well as other useful information and advice.

Pro_Vision can offer you the following:


  • Preparation of interim and annual Financial Statements under IFRS and the provisions in Cap.113
  • Independent auditing of Financial Statements in accordance with ISAs
  • Filing of the annual audited Financial Statements with the Cyprus Registrar of Companies (submission of HE32 form)
  • Payment of annual company fee
  • Provide you with management recommendations, KPIs and industry best practices to help improve your business