Income Tax Services & Consulting in Cyprus


Individuals may be liable to the following taxes during the tax year:

  • Income tax on employment income, business operating as a sole trader or member of a partnership
  • Capital gains tax on gain arising on disposal of immovable property
  • Social insurance contributions, special defense contribution on income derived from rent, interest or dividends
  • Special defense contribution on income received from rent, interest or dividends
  • Value added tax as the supplier of goods and services or as the final consumer of goods and services
  • General healthcare system (GESY) contributions as an employee, sole trader or employer


A company is a legal entity that is legally separate from its owners (shareholders). The directors of the company are liable for the following taxes:

  • Corporate income tax on chargeable income
  • Capital gains tax on immovable property disposed by the company
  • Social insurance contributions
  • General healthcare system (GESY) contributions as employer for its employees and directors
  • PAYE as employer
  • Special defense contribution on rent and interest received under certain conditions
  • VAT on the supply of goods/services or as a final consumer of goods/services

Pro_Vision can offer you the following:


  • Registration with the Tax Office and Department of Social Insurance
  • Company and personal tax computations and preparation/submission of the returns
  • Annual preparation of personal tax return for individual tax payers
  • Managing and paying tax liabilities on your behalf, such as Monthly payment of Payroll Taxes
  • Assistance with social Insurance, PAYE, Special Defence Contribution (SDC) and GESY
  • Specific consulting and assistance with paperwork for non-doms
  • Company and personal tax planning and optimization
  • Calculation of capital gains taxes and assistance with filings
  • Research of tax Rulings for specific transactions